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About us

Endless opportunities.
Huge impact.

At CareerTrackers, we empower a collective and support First Nations career success.

Our community is the largest group of First Nations professionals and pre-professionals in Australia. In just 15 years we’ve provided over 8000 internships and our alum community has grown to over 1100 members.

We match students with employment partners to create meaningful internships that build skills, knowledge and connection with other First Nations talent in diverse fields and industries. This helps students from high school through to university and beyond to progress their individual career goals and achieve their own success.

We challenge the status quo, by asking our partners, what can you do differently, to better support First Nations careers in your workplace? We provide support to link employers with interns resulting in more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence and culturally supportive workplaces nationally.

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Our programs are broad in impact, and there are many ways to become involved in our collective:

Are you a high school or university student?
Are you interested in becoming an employment partner and taking on interns?

How else can you support our work?