About us

Endless opportunities.
Huge impact.

CareerTrackers is a national purpose-driven organisation that supports pre-professional Indigenous university students and links them with employers to participate in paid, multi-year internships. CareerTrackers students complete university with high marks, industry experience and bright futures.

Students perform their internships with sponsorship organisations, with the aim of converting from intern into full-time employee upon completion of their university degree. Over 80% of CareerTrackers students are in full-time employment within 3 months of completing their studies. In addition to creating lasting employment opportunities, we provide interns and their sponsoring organisations with year-round support to prepare students for success at university, and in their chosen professions and their communities.

Since 2009, we have been changing the face of corporate Australia. We have supported over 3000 internships, have an alumni of over 1000 strong Indigenous professionals and are connected to a wide range of world-class employment and university partners.

We’re more than a program. We are committed to student success from the classroom to the board room. The support we provide and facilitate with our partners is a real game-changer – activating an amazing range of opportunities and accelerating careers in their chosen field.

We believe in success and opportunity for all Indigenous students. We also believe Indigenous people should have the opportunity and freedom to choose and be represented across all levels and in all occupations, industries and workplaces.

CareerTrackers is a non-profit charitable organisation and Supply Nation registered.

Our team

Carrie Sailor

Director, People & Engagement

Sharon Hiserman

Director, University Program

Angela To

Finance Manager

Olivia Wright

Technology Manager

Jenaya Ward

Executive Assistant

Sasha Wayment

Program Design Manager

Darcee Duroux

Alumni Manager

Amelia Rees

Partnerships Manager

Nikki Smith

Partnerships Manager

Hana Hardo

Senior Scholarships Coordinator

Hala Shakkour

Scholarships Coordinator

Zelma Woodhead

HR Coordinator

Michael Macahilig


Ali Hameed

IT Coordinator

Jacob Jaksa

Business Analyst

Saman Obed

Technology Intern


Heather Wortes

Program Manager

Maddy Towler Lovell

Region Lead – South

Maeve Mitchell

Region Lead – North

Zoe McCarthy

Region Lead – Metro

Olivia Maranesi

Senior Advisor

Nicky Padden

Senior Advisor

Alkira Steinmann


Jane Asher


Ella Rigney


Alex Irwin



Anielle Nayna

Program Manager

Luna Galaz

Senior Advisor

Rincy Mehandiratta


Kevin Kelly


Paris Fitisemanu


Tylah Emslie



Georgia Farquer

Program Manager

Elsha O’Reilly

Senior Advisor

Cameron McMurtrie


Rachel Fegan


Naomi Oakley


Josiah Hazelton



Ben Archer

Senior Advisor

Patrick Houlahan


Sarah Harvey


High School

Ann-Maree Long

Program Manager

Telesha Nowlan

Advisor – High School Programs

Our artwork

The Journey – Jordan Ardler

‘The Journey’ captures the CareerTrackers community, connection and partnerships on the way to career development. The three main symbols (top right, centre and bottom left), connected through a continuous line from symbol to symbol, represents the journey from study through to the workplace and starting successful careers. Each symbol is surrounded by figures, which embody the growth of support systems and relationships throughout the journey.

The figures become more energetic and diverse. This evolution represents growth in character, connections and involvement in life.

Our history

On October 29, 2009, CareerTrackers was born – a national non-profit with the goal of creating pathways and support systems for Indigenous young adults to attend and graduate from university, with high marks, industry experience and bright professional futures.

Celebrating eleven years, hundreds of our participants have graduated from university. Each and every member of our Alumni community is employed in a professional role, with a median salary in their first year of $62,000. This year, our Alumni community will be made up of 1073 highly educated Indigenous professionals.

The success of the program has been recognised by employers, governments and, most importantly, Indigenous communities throughout Australia. CareerTrackers students complete university at higher rates than their non-Indigenous peers, and over 80% of Alumni are in full-time employment in their field within three months of graduation.

The underpinning philosophy at CareerTrackers is ‘Students at the Core’. This means every decision we make in the delivery of the program focuses on the benefit to our students. We are proud to have built a community of CareerTrackers interns and Alumni that span thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households across Australia.

We see prosperous futures for our students and Alumni, who are quickly becoming leaders in their careers and communities.