Business Coordinator Survey

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Business Coordinator Survey

Business Coordinator Survey

The CareerTrackers Program is made possible through the hard work of and relationships between you, our partner organisations, and our CareerTrackers team. As we continue to grow and strengthen our partnership and the Program more broadly, we value your feedback and insights.

    Please select the most appropriate rating for each of the below statements.

    CareerTrackers provides me with the support I need to deliver the program within my organisation and is helpful in addressing issues when they arise.

    CareerTrackers understands my industry and provides student matches appropriately aligned with our opportunities.

    My CareerTrackers contact communicates in an effective and timely manner.

    The managers who supported interns were satisfied with the support and level of communication they received from CareerTrackers.

    Is your organisation interested in learning more about our offerings outside of the internship program, such as our High School Program and our Friends of CareerTrackers membership?