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ICS scholarship

The ICS Scholarship is an Australian Government initiative that aims to improve the professional employment prospects of First Nations Australians. ICS enables First Nations tertiary students to gain professional qualifications and experience and move into employment on completion of their studies.

As a CareerTrackers intern, you may be eligible to apply for an ICS Scholarship. Before commencing the Expression of Interest (EOI) please ensure you have read and understood the ICS Student Info Pack.

Please note that by completing the below form you are only registering your interest for ICS and it is not a guarantee that your application will be successful. However, to keep you in the loop we will notify you via email as your application progresses through each stage of the process. As there are a limited number of ICS Scholarships available each semester, there may be a delay between applying for ICS and when your application is approved.

If you have any questions while completing the form, feel free to contact your Advisor or email us at ics@careertrackers.org.au

    Expression of interest

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    Have you received ICS before? *
    If you have received ICS before, what dates did you previously receive ICS?

    Item 1 - Intern Details
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    Item 2 - Internship Plan
    Requested commencement of ICS payments *

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    Item 3 - Bank Account Details

    Electronic Funds Transfer

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    Name of Branch: Westpac – Windsor
    Bank/State/Branch No. (BSB): 033-088
    Account No: 562198
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    Item 4 - Intern Certification
    I certify that:

    • - I have checked my details at Item 1, and the details of the Internship Plan at Item 2 and certify that to the best of my knowledge that they are true and complete;
    • - I have read and understand the 'ICS Student Info Pack';
    • - I agree to abide by the eligibility requirements listed in the 'ICS Student Info Pack';
    • - I am of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent; identify as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; and am accepted as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander in the community I live or have lived;
    • - I am enrolled for full-time study for my first undergraduate degree at an Australian university;
    • - I am an Australian resident;
    • - I am aware that under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) section 137.1 giving false or misleading information is a serious offence; and
    • - I undertake to advise Centrelink of ICS, and the proposed commencement date as outlined in Item 2 if I am receiving any payments from Centrelink, including ABSTUDY.
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